The Complete How Dave Spent His Summer/Fall/Followup

Watch them individually! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTCX9vYiV7wdKoflK2vAOHLvlT2A9FBU 0:00 That's From Disneyland 5:39 The Turkey Hill Experience 12:48 Lucy Sparrow's SparrowMart 16:28 The Weird Al Walk of Fame Star Ceremony! 28:37 Jim Henson, Imagination Unleashed 35:52 3-D Monsters at the Echo Park 3-D Space! 49:48 What on Earth is BRAVOLAND by Bravo Farms? 1:08:46 3D Space Deleted Scenes 1:22:46 How Dave Spent His FOLLOWUP: Return to Bravoland! 1:35:10 How Dave Spent His Fall 2020

View on YouTube.

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