Where Zombies Come From | Nerdwriter1

Episode Title: Where Zombies Come From
Produced by: Nerdwriter1
Description: When you want to launch your Squarespace website, go to to get 10% off your first purchase Support Nerdwriter videos: Subscribe: Watch the most popular Nerdwriter episodes:   Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: SOURCES Memory, P…

"There is a place that we call the NExUS..."

"...the Non Exuberant Undiscovered Side..."

The NExUS ist the place that everything connects. Strange new worlds. We will move the Templin Institute there, and a few of those worlds. The NExUS has no beginning and no end. But it has a start. And the start is right here: CLICK!

Adam Ruins Everything - How Women Were Tricked Into Shaving Their Legs | truTV

Adam reveals how Gillette convinced women to shave their legs.

10 Things You Didn't Know About RoboCop2 | Minty Comedic Arts

Episode Title: 10 Things You Didn't Know About RoboCop2
Produced by: Minty Comedic Arts
This episode is about: 10 Things You Didn't Know About RoboCop2

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Join Us On Our SECRET DATE! | VLOG | Lesbian Couple

Episode Title: Join Us On Our SECRET DATE! | VLOG | Lesbian Couple
Produced by: WhatWeganDidNext
Description: Where Does Megan Take Whitney?! --------------------------------- Please subscribe for more Wegan videos: --------------------------------- ❤ Subscribe & Turn on Notifications for more! We're always together 24/7 so it was such a fun change to not have a clue what we were up to or where she was taking me... & let's just say, it far exceeded my expectations! Any guesses on where we went?! Psst. thank you Backyard Cinema for the gifted tickets. Please do like, comment & subscribe! Oh & don't forget to hit the bell for notifications! ;) Lots more fun videos coming your way! --------------------------------- Join Find Femmes, our dating site and community for Femme LGBTQ+ women! --------------------------------- Check out: Our Wedding video:…


Episode Title: CBI - MEGATRON: ORGINS review
Produced by: Last Angry Geek
Description: BUY BRIAN'S DVDS HERE: Brian Heinz, fka The Last Angry Geek, reviews this look into the deep, dark past of Megatron that somehow avoids giving him an actual back story. Follow Brian on Twitter: Support Brian on Patreon:

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SEX & VIOLENCE IN MOVIES: Germany vs. USA | Wanted Adventure

Episode Title: SEX & VIOLENCE IN MOVIES: Germany vs. USA
Produced by: Wanted Adventure
Description: Sex and violence in movies - Germany versus USA. In America intense violence in movies is often allowed for a younger audience...but not sexual themes in movies? Is it like that in Germany too? So my question for you is: what are your thoughts on this topic? What movie examples come to mind when you think about this topic? And how is this handled in other countries? More info: Subscribe: Patreon: T-shirts: Instagram: Facebook: https://www.faceb…