I See This ALL THE TIME in Germany (not in usa!!)

Things I see a lot here in Germany and not the USA! Living in Germany for 10 years, I have gotten used to seeing these things here in Germany! American in Germany Video with Stefan reading "You go me on the cookie!" reviews in a funny way: https://youtu.be/XjJqO3Ylk5Y (eigen) werbung "You go me on the cookie!" is the perfect gift for your German-speaking friends!! "You go me on the cookie" is available as PAPERBACK & EBOOK!! Where can you get a copy of the book? You can order the book in bookstores in Germany, Austria & Switzerland!!🌟👏 Man kann das Buch in Buchhandlungen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz bestellen!! https://ift.tt/3lYxOfK https://ift.tt/35PBbzX You can also order it online https://ift.tt/39br7nb https://ift.tt/2J2jWlT Videos mentioned in the video: I Hear This ALL THE TIME in Germany (not in usa): https://youtu.be/MFMwrtSSFb4 GROCERY STORES: 4 Big Differences in Germany & USA: https://youtu.be/29tASMJQtzk GROCERY STORES in Germany!!! 6 Things to Know Before You Go Shopping: https://youtu.be/GGRSoSUlVtI Europeans Eat On The SIDEWALK?? https://youtu.be/WHfdLrSeaIA Subscribe: https://goo.gl/IXm5MB Patreon: https://ift.tt/2oi3x1o Shop: https://ift.tt/2qcNoHy Book: "You go me on the cookie!" https://amzn.to/2sBteNN Instagram: https://ift.tt/2StQ0yx Facebook: https://ift.tt/1u7sogW Twitter: https://twitter.com/WantedAdventure Thanks for watching! Until next time...auf Wiedersehen!! Music: "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (by Mozart)

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