'Remember Atlantis Retreat' Recap of 2019 in Bali | Hannah Fraser

Episode Title: 'Remember Atlantis Retreat' Recap of 2019 in Bali
Produced by: Hannah Fraser
Description: Study with Ocean conservationist Hannah Mermaid & Aradia Julia Sunseri of “Ritual Movement Arts”™ Embody the divine feminine, learning the secrets of the ancient archetypes - The Mermaid & The Temple Dancer! Because we wanted to create a retreat like no other we combined the elements of our greatest passions of underwater training & sacred dance together. These two elements are the foundations that share weaving the embodiment practices. We have created all aspects of this retreat trainings, meals, outings to inspire, nourish you body, soul & mind. The aspect of the mermaid & the temple dancer are ancient archetypes of the divine feminine. As sovereign sensual women it’s our birthright to feel & express ourselves fully without shame or conformity. We are healing & empowering one another to rise up & share our gifts on this planet. ACTIVISM: We are committed to Ocean Conservation as part of our mission. Seeing animals diminishing in number around the planet, getting sick from pollution, being slaughtered by humans and fished into extinction is calling the mermaids of the world into action! We created Remember Atlantis Retreats to teach women how to be empower themselves to use their skills, passion & beauty to be a voice for the animals that cannot speak for themselves. We believe a ‘Mer-Maid’ is truly a ‘Servant of The Sea’. Myth & Magic: We will dive into the sacred arts of temple fusion belly dance & women’s embodiment practices. Awaken to your full body’s bliss! Through sacred dance we can access more of our intuition & sensuality. We invite you to become one with the ocean, learning underwater techniques & exploring your inner mermaid. This retreat includes ocean outings, professional photoshoots & ocean adventures. Join us for an amazing journey of embodiment practices held at a Eco Resort in the lush jungle in Bali. www.HannahMermaid.com

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